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Gülle- und Gärrestaufbe-reitung:
Gülle- und Gärrestaufbe- reitung:
Gülle- und Gärr
Gülle- und Gärrestaufbereitung
Gülle- und Gärrestaufbe reitung
Slurry and Digestate Treatment
Climate and Resource Protection
GGA-Flex: Slurry and digestate treatment flexible and needs-based There is no functioning digestate treatment off the shelf! Only systems that are flexibly tailored to individual needs can work. Example: Concept for the treatment of manure and digestate up to the production of dischargeable water and fertilizer concentrates: The manure or digestate is pre-treated by a screw extruder or decanter (0.5 mm particle size), vibration filter (0.35 mm particle size) and a disc filter (0.1 mm particle size). The aim is to reduce the dry matter content (TS) of the processed digestate or manure from values ​​by 8% to below 3%. A VSEP module - resistant to fouling and blockage by vibration technology - processes between approx. 30 to 150 m3 / d (11,000 - 55,000 m3 / a) of the liquid phase depending on the TS content and composition of the manure or fermentation residue to be treated , Depending on the TS and the quantity to be processed, several VSEP modules can be used. The VSEP system runs 22 hours a day and is fully automatically cleaned for 2 hours. A downstream reverse osmosis unit completes the treatment of the permeate (water) from the VSEP unit to the desired water quality. As required, the treatment intensity can be set for different water qualities: process water,  irrigation water or dischargeable water. Additional Information at: info@renew-sources.de 
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